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Dear reader,

I started writing on the Internet some ten years ago. Nearly everything I write is personal, connected to my life experience in some way. I’ve written about what it takes to be a better listener, how to give notice when a job has run its course and how to crush it when you’re starting a new gig, and even what it’s like to become a working parent during a global pandemic. I draw my inspiration from real life — not just because that is what I know best, but because whenever I learn something useful, I figure it might be helpful to others, too. Writing helps me process what I’ve learned for myself, and others.

Writing, for me, is a deeply personal act — but writing on the Internet can at times feel stark and impersonal, even competitive. So I’m starting a newsletter to share what I’m learning in one of the more personal spaces I can think of online — the sacred inbox. If you’re getting this, it means you signed up for one of my many projects in the past, like the Listening Project, or follow me elsewhere on the Internet — thank you!

Now, once a week I’ll send out a new issue on a topic I think you’ll love. I’ll still cover career, creativity, and tech, because those are things I still love to write about. But I’ll also have the space to write about other topics I hold dear, experiment with how I tell those stories, and hopefully regain some of the warmth and intimacy so many of us crave online. You might hear about my journey into book writing, observations on how the tech world is adapting to a WFH workforce, or advice on how to stay creative and inspired even when it feels impossible (hello, global pandemic). You might even get an illustration or two!

With that, thank you for being here already. Stay tuned for more, and if you’re willing, please send this to one other person you think will enjoy reading this so they can sign up, too.

Till soon,




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Ximena Vengoechea

Ximena Vengoechea

Author, Listen Like You Mean It. UX researcher, TWTR, PINS, etc. I write about the intersection of technology + society + personal growth. ximenavengoechea.com