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Time for some prizes

Ximena Vengoechea
4 min readAug 25, 2023


Hello friends, dear readers, and welcome to my ✨ book blitz ✨ ! With the launch of my new book just a month away, today I’m announcing a slew of goodies for anyone who preorders Rest Easy. Read on to learn more.

Why pre-order?

Pre-orders help signal to booksellers that a book is worth stocking. They help generate word-of-mouth sales. If an author is gunning for a bestseller list, they’re crucial for that, too: pre-orders count for an author’s first week of sales, which is their best shot for making it onto a list. Outside of the numbers, pre-orders are both validation and motivator for many authors; they are a sign that our work is resonating with real readers, and that is what keeps us going.

- Authors everywhere

OK, OK, enough about the why. What goodies do I get?

So glad you asked.

For the cost of 2 subpar sandwiches in midtown Manhattan or a couple months of Spotify premium, you will get one research-backed, beautifully packaged book written and illustrated by one fabulous human (if I do say so myself).

Me and my book baby

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Sneak peek!

As a thank you for pre-ordering, I’m offering five primo prizes:

These will change week over week, so you can pick the gift you’re most excited about (or go for all five!). They are:

  • Signed copies and a special Rest Easy launch sticker illustrated by yours truly. Perfect for slapping on your laptop and letting your coffee shop friends and colleagues know what’s up about rest. Available from the fine folks at Community Bookstore, while supplies last. (Note: You can purchase a signed copy from Community Bookstore even if you are not local to Brooklyn — they will ship it to you!)
  • Bonus content! As a thank you for preordering, I’m sharing two bonus sections that are chock full of insights and suggestions for getting the rest you need. Available for everyone who shows proof of purchase before 9/26.
  • Reader Discussion Guide: Bringing Rest Easy to your book club, ERG, or friend group? You might like this sweet reader discussion guide with prompts to get the rest conversation going. Available for everyone who shows proof of purchase before 9/26.


But wait, there’s more! I’ll also be doing two giveaways as we get closer to book launch.

  • GIVEAWAY #1: Buy TWO copies of Rest Easy and enter to win a limited edition art print or poster from the book. These are gonna be beauts! Three winners will be chosen at random. Proof of purchase required. Must purchase by 9/26.
  • GIVEAWAY #2: Buy THREE copies (one for you, another for your BFF, another for your sibling or colleague!) and enter to win one hour of coaching/advising services from me. May be applied towards advising or coaching in user research, communication and listening, or rest techniques and burnout prevention. 1 winner will be chosen at random. Proof of purchase required. Must purchase by 9/26.

OK, I hope you love the new book. And if you are moved to pre-order, I hope you find something you like in this book blitz. Just don’t lose your receipts! Once you’ve completed your pre-order, please fill out this form to share your proof of purchase.

P.S. Budget tight and not enough cash to pre-order? I get it. You’re also eligible if you get your local library to order a copy!

P.P.S. For any readers in Brooklyn, I hope you’ll join us at a book launch event at Powerhouse on 8th, on pub day, 9/26! You can get your free ticket here.

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