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Author, Listen Like You Mean It. UX researcher, TWTR, PINS, etc. I write about the intersection of technology + society + personal growth.


  • JoAnna Schindler

    JoAnna Schindler

    Writer & technology professional, based in Los Angeles | I also write at

  • Preethi.


    Content writing, instructional design, classical Indian dance β€” I tell stories in every way I can.

  • Rose Ann Abing

    Rose Ann Abing

    Sossy Girl who likes to read and write about almost everything that are cute and interesting

  • Kumar Vashist

    Kumar Vashist

    Dr.Vasisth is from a highly reputed family of astrologers, he was fond of astrology.

  • Nathan Ingraham

    Nathan Ingraham

    Deputy managing editor at Engadget, loves burritos and sandwiches, is really bad at Twitter

  • Teo Zanella

    Teo Zanella

    Product Exec, Advisor & Coach. All views are my own.

  • Cory Welsh

    Cory Welsh

    Social learner, recruiter and butterfly @ Linkedin. Former HK resident, LA native, SF newbie, Sydney hopeful and explorer of the world.

  • Amanda McLoughlin

    Amanda McLoughlin

    Creator and Educator. Founder of @MultitudeShows (@SpiritsPodcast, @JointhePartyPod, @WaystationPod, @PotterlessPod) | Queens, NY 🌈

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